Are Keywords Necessary?


So your site is set up and you have been ranked with Google. Awesome, now what? You need to get some traffic coming to your website. Keywords will direct the potential visitors to your site. You do need to choose the right keywords relevant to the content you are providing. If your website is  based on “baking” or more specifically “baking pies”, you can enter in a statement that a visitor interested in baking might type in.

How we find keywords??

One way of finding keywords is by using the ‘alphabet soup’ technique. Here is a video on the “alphabet soup technique” Let’s say your website’s niche is about baking. You type in a starting word like baking and follow that word with the letter “A” then “B” etc. you will get samples of statements popular on Google. Continue with this until you have a variety of potential keywords. These words can be entered into a keyword finder to see amount of searches and competition. Here is a sample keyword tool you can try entering a word.

Once you have a keyword with over 50 searches and under 300 competition, you will build your post around it.

What makes a good keyword?

I typed in “how do I bake a pie”, it has 32 searches and 7 competition. The competition is excellent at only 7 but the 32 searches are too low. They need to be over 50.

If we type in “no bake chocolate pie”, it has 235 searches and 146 competition. This one is good. Now we would put the keyword in the title and in the 1st paragraph (or at lease somewhere in the content). Be sure it is quality content. That’s it! So are keywords necessary? You bet !!

Jaaxy has an excellent keyword tool and will also help choose niches and much much more. Here is my Jaaxy review.

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