Are Wix Websites Any Good?



My Overall Rank: 95/100

Introduction is a website building tool that you can try for FREE.


So…Are Wix websites any good? allows a business to get itself on the internet in an amazing way.  It allows you to build a website that is eye-catching, functional, and ultimately creative. It has incredible templates, with lots of Add-ons, and it is user friendly.

The template selection is the best in the business, and is available in either Flash, or HTML 5. They really are outstanding.

The templates can be customized in many ways such as color, and tons of Add-on choices. You can choose a template that is full and change it to your own, or if you are more advanced in design you can start with a blank template and build away.

The multimedia options for those in creative fields such as photography and design are unlimited. Wix has a wide range of video players, photo galleries, and options for animations.

Pro’s and Con’s 


– user friendly, it is literally drag and drop.

-Wix allows you to easily design your site for laptops, desktops, and mobile devices with its HTML builder. It unifies everything with site building, blogging, and mobile all in one place.

-Wix has an app market that is huge. You can customize with the “help” of developers that contribute their apps to the market. Some are free and some cost.

-Wix does not take a percentage of your sales when you set up E-Commerce, or do an online store.


-Does not have detailed and thorough training

-There is no email integration

Who Is It For?

Anyone, and I mean anyone who wants to build a website easily.  Whether it is for your business or for something personal like organizing your family genealogy, can help you with useful tutorials, a wide array of templates, and you can try it for free.


Wix offers video tutorials, email support, a forum, SEO Help, blog, support centre, and telephone support. Could you really ask for more?



From Free, or US$4.08 up to US$24.92 per month with the Unlimited US$12.42/per month plan being the most popular.

For $12.42 a month you get Unlimited Bandwidth, 10GB Storage, Connect your Domain, Free Domain, Remove Wix Ads, $300 Ad Vouchers, Site Booster App, and a Form Builder App.

My Verdict

Not bad!…The websites look professional and are surprisingly easy to build. The sky is the limit to the creativity, and functionality that can be put into a website built using Wix. If you have a question please let me know in the comments below.




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