Are You Sick Of Your Job ?

So?…Are you sick of your job?

The office was hot, stuffy actually. You could almost see the heatwaves in the air. The air conditioner was broken again. I loosened the collar on my new dress shirt but it still scratched my neck, probably giving me a heat rash. The meeting was starting in 15 minutes, a 3-hour meeting. There was so much to be done today, deadline after deadline.

Are you sick of your job?

The boss was in here twice already to get the reports I hadn’t even looked at yet. I’m getting a coffee! Broken, the coffee pot is out of order. What the heck!

The boardroom was hotter than my office. A package was handed out, yay, more paperwork. A new presentation that would be due by the end of the week. arghhhhhhhh!


So, this is the work world that we were a part of. Stress, broken air conditioners and coffee pots that were out of order. Yes, we need an income, the mortgage won’t pay for itself and the kids’ braces certainly aren’t free.

There are a few different kinds of stress in the workplace:

Good stress: Helps us get things done. It is our motivation to be better and achieve our personal goals. It is perfectly normal.

And the Not so good stress:

  • Demands
  • Unrealistic deadlines (set by workplaces or ourselves)
  • Fear of layoffs
  • Fear of being last
  • Unhealthy competition among team members

Workplace stress can cause:

  • High blood pressure
  • Stomach problems
  • Problems at home
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Can lead to accidents

Many things affect how we get job satisfaction, not just stress:

  • You must be socially happy at work
  • Your skills must be matched
  • There must be appreciation for your work
  • Opportunities to advance
  • Wages must be competitive
  • The job must be interesting for you
  • It must be a safe environment to work

There are many things you can do if you are not happy in your job:

  • Search for another one as you work
  • Speak to your employer
  • Quit and find another job (not recommended)
  • Education-go back to school take night courses or start an apprenticeship
  • Run an online business.

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I would like to know your opinion on this topic.  Let me know your thoughts.




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  1. Once I left the armed forces, I never really took to working for a boss. Now been self employed for over thirty years and online for the last three. You are right, Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to learn and get started.

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