Types of Business Writing: The Persuasive Request

There are many types of business writing that you may come across or need to use one type is “persuasive request”. In business, you sometimes need to ask a client or another business for a favour. Whether you are needing a favour from a client or another business it is important to remember that your request is more likely to be granted if you can communicate the direct and indirect benefits to the one granting the favour. (2016, Essentials of Business Communication)

In business writing, when getting ready to write a persuasive request you should plan the following:

  1. Gain Attention– Do this in the opening paragraph of the message by describing a problem, mentioning a benefit, paying the reader a compliment, making an unexpected statement, or posing a stimulating question.
  2. Build Interest– In the body of the message, it is important to keep the reader’s attention and convince them that the request made of them is reasonable. This is also the area of the message where you need to communicate the direct and indirect benefits to them that will come about when they help you out. *Remember that everyone is “tuned into WII-FM, or what’s in it for me?”* People need to have a reason or benefit in order to help.
  3. Reduce Resistance– Think like the receiver when writing the message and anticipate the problems the receiver may have with the request. Communicate about these problems and offer a solution. Spin the problems into solutions.
  4. Motivate Action– To complete a persuasive message you (the sender) must tell the receiver what you want and when you want it. This is a call to action. The goal is to be confident, not pushy and to motivate the receiver to act on the message. Give a deadline date for a special offer that will be given to those that say “yes” promptly.

Persuasive messages can be hard to write until you have practice with them. Everybody wants something and everybody needs something. If you can figure out what the wants and needs are you are set. We will cover other types of business writing in later articles. Here is a great book called “Business Writing For Dummies” View it on Amazon here.

Go forth and communicate.


The Other Half


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Delicate Situation Writing

In this post, we will look at delicate situation writing. Not everything in business is wine and roses. Sometimes you have to say “no” to a client’s request. Whether what they are asking you do is against company policy or their request is just over-the-top and goes too far, it is important to know how to communicate a “no” to a client. It is not positive when saying “no” and could  end a business relationship or creates bad reviews of your business. You cannot please all the people all the time but you can learn to say “no” without ever having to say it. This is not easy to do but it is possible.

Here are some goals to think about and consider when communicating negative news.

  • Explain clearly and completely– the message you convey should be clear so that the receiver can understand and accept the information.

You can communicate that you have empathy and sensitivity for the situation all while being fair to both the client and your business.

  • Project a professional image– strive to project a professional image of yourself and your business. Even when a client is irate, emotional, and possibly abusive you should remain calm and professional so that you can do your best to communicate the reasoning behind the negative message.
  • Be fair– receivers of negative news are more likely to accept the decision when they feel that they have been treated fairly.
  • Maintain a friendly relationship– make an effort to use statements that show your desire to continue the business relationship. You wish to regain the confidence of your client and that should be communicated.
  • Deal with the situation in a timely manner. The longer a problem is left to brew the harder it will be to convert a negative into a positive. Clients want to know that their concerns or opinions are respected and the best way to make them feel that is to be timely with your response. (2016, Essentials of Business Communications). There is a great book called “Business Writing For Dummies”. View it here on Amazon

I know from experience that delicate situation writing can be tricky but it does become easier. It is like exercising a muscle, at first it is tough but when you use the muscle regularly the heavy lifting is easier to do. I wish you well in all of your client communication.


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Effective Business Writing Skills: Before you Hit Send

Before you begin to write anything while working in a business you should keep the following in mind.

Who is the audience? Or, rather, who are you writing to? With business writing, you aren’t writing to communicate a feeling or to prove a thesis. It’s not an essay and therefore it requires a different approach. You need to consider how the audience will perceive the message being communicated.

Business writing is meant to solve problems and share information. The problem or information gives you a purpose to communicate through your writing.

Keep your emails and other written communication professional. Do not fall into the habit of communicating the way you would with a friend.

Keep it short. Get to the point and present the ideas in a clear and concise manner.


When you are new to business writing you should have a gameplan. This may end up looking like this:

  • Pre-writing- this should take about 25% of your writing time. Pre-writing involves analyzing the purpose for writing and anticipating how the audience will perceive your message.
  • Writing- this should take a further 25% of your writing time. During the writing process, you will do any necessary research, you will organize the message, and do the writing.
  • Revising- this should take the remaining 50% of your writing time. Revise your writing to ensure clarity, readability, proofread it for errors, and evaluate the message for effectiveness.

*If the message you need to convey is a difficult one, make sure you ask someone else to read what you have written so they can tell you what impression it makes. It may be that offering a solution to the problem being discussed at the beginning of the communication may help soften the blow or put the reader into a more positive mindset.* (2016, Essentials of Business Communication)

I hope that this short and to the point lesson will help you with any future business writing you need to do. Good luck.


The Other Half

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Harvey Weinstein: Abuse of Power

We do not usually comment on current affairs but since this is a website about business it was felt that we should weigh in on the news regarding Harvey Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein is, or rather was, a powerful and influential man in Hollywood. Although he does not have a net worth compared to any one of the Richest Hollywood Power Brokers,  Weinstein was still a man that people in the industry listened to. In other words, Weinstein had the power to make or break the career of actresses.

Image result for harvey weinstein

Early Career

Harvey Weinstein was born in New York City on March 19, 1952. Harvey and his future business partner and younger brother Bob were raised in a modest apartment in Queens.

Harvey and Bob Weinstein started Miramax, a film distribution company, in 1979. By 1989 with the release of Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Miramax was the most successful independent studio in America. (businessinsider.com)

In 1993, Miramax was sold to Disney Corporation for what has been reported to be either $60 or $80 million. The Weinstein brothers continued to run Miramax until 2005 when they left to form The Weinstein Company.


It has been reported on their company website that while running Miramax and The Weinstein Company their movies have received 303 nominations for Academy Awards and have won 75 of those Oscars. Although the business has been commercially and critically successful it is said to have a value of only $150 million as reported by Forbes in 2015. Miramax was sold by Disney for $660 million after the Weinstein brothers had left. The Weinstein Company is heavily leveraged and has even had to give up part of its movie library until their debt is repaid.

Hollywood Lore?

The “casting couch” has always been Hollywood lore. It has been common knowledge and a subject of jokes since the 1920’s.According to recent reports of accusations made against Harvey Weinstein, he is a believer in the system. Many actresses have come forward of late to tell their story about encounters they have endured with Harvey Weinstein. Ashley Judd was one of the first to tell of Weinstein’s lecherous ways. Ms. Judd claims that Weinstein once asked her to watch him shower. Harvey Weinstein, or perhaps his company, has had to pay at least 8 different actresses compensation for his ways. One of those actresses is Rose McGowan. Ms. McGowan has not released a statement regarding the current accusations against Harvey Weinstein and we are left to assume that she had to sign a non-disclosure clause.

Image result for harvey weinstein daughters
Weinstein and Jennifer Lawrence mirror.co.uk

Acclaimed Broadway actor, Nathan Lane, has said that after telling a comb-over joke about Rudy Giuliani at a birthday party for Hillary Clinton in 2000, Harvey Weinstein pushed him up against a wall and said, “This is my fucking show, we don’t need you.” Nathan claims he told Weinstein that, “You can’t hurt me, I don’t have a movie career.” (2017, J. Guerrasio, Business Insider) More famous names are adding their experiences to the already long list of complainants.

Recently, both Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie have told their tales of Harvey Weinstein. Paltrow says that at the tender age of 22 when she had signed on to act in the movie Emma, that Weinstein put his hands on her and suggested a massage. “I was a kid, I was signed up I was petrified,” Paltrow said to the NYT. Paltrow says that her then-boyfriend, Brad Pitt, told Weinstein, at a movie premiere, to never touch Paltrow again. Gwyneth Paltrow later received a phone call from the producer telling her to not tell anyone else about the incident, “I thought he was going to fire me. He screamed at me for a long time. It was brutal.” (2017, People.com)

Angelina Jolie has said in an email to the NYT, “I had a bad experience with Harvey Weinstein in my youth, and as a result chose never to work with him again and warn others when they did.” Jolie added, “This behaviour towards women in any field, any country is unacceptable.” (2017, People.com)

Other Hollywood heavyweights have added their voices to those condemning the actions of Harvey Weinstein. They include Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, and George Clooney. It seems that being called a Hollywood “God” cannot protect Harvey Weinstein from the consequences of his deplorable acts that have occurred for the past 20+ years. Mr. Weinstein was fired by the board of his own company on Sunday, October 8, 2017. It is a small amount of justice for the victims of his behaviour. This story has just begun to unfold and I believe that the ripples in the water will end up including other people in the power positions in Hollywood. It appears that the time has come for Hollywood to tell a different type of story.

Edit/Addition: January 9, 2018, found Harvey Weinstein as the butt of many jokes told by the host of The Golden Globe Awards, Seth Meyers. As Meyers said, “Let’s talk about the elephant that is not in the room tonight.” That is one of the nicer names that Mr. Weinstein has been called in the past three months or so. The women and men that have worked in the entertainment industry have begun to tell their stories of abuse and molestation and even rape that has occurred at the hands of those men that had power over them and influence over their careers. Many of the mighty have fallen including Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, Andrew Kreisberg, Brett Ratner, David Guillod, Danny Masterson, and John Lasseter. All of those men have either been fired from their jobs, suspended from their jobs, or are taking a leave of absence from their job. I am left wondering if the accusations made against President Donald Trump will ever have him losing his job too.

This abuse of power happens in every sector of employment and it needs to stop. With the #metoo and the “Time is Up” movement I am hopeful that we will affect the changes necessary to make the world a safer place for our daughters and for their daughters. The female actors, writers, producers, and directors at The Golden Globe Awards tonight all chose to wear black in protest of the abuses and in solidarity for the “Time is Up” movement. It was an evening that was tricky to navigate but Hollywood did it well. The best part of the evening was when Oprah Winfrey was given the Cecile B. de Mille Award and gave the following uplifting speech. Let the new day dawn…soon.


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The Best Online Business Opportunity-Ready to Make Money?

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Here are the steps to getting your business started

Step 1. Choose an interest- your passion, your hobby, or one of a million different ideas can be chosen for your niche website that you can make successful. When you choose a topic you are passionate about the success will follow.

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Step 3. Attract visitors- now you need to get visitors to your website. Within the first few lessons from Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn how to get customers to your site. Search engines and social media are the main ways to get traffic.

Step 4. Earn money- Now that you have visitors it is time to earn commission money with an affiliate marketing program with  share a sale merchants. It is free to join and have access to hundreds of companies eager for you to promote their products. The products are everything you could possibly imagine.

The best part is you will not have to:

  • Have Inventory
  • Pay for Shipping
  • Have a Warehouse
  • Provide Product Support
  • Employ others-You will when you have more than about 3 websites

Amazon has 488 million products that you can sell. They pay 6 – 10% of the value of any sales to you as an affiliate marketer for sending the traffic to their business. There are businesses that pay up to 75% commission. Below is some information on the best online business opportunity. Please let me know in the comments if you have a question.

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Garth Brooks: the Businessman

Garth Brooks who was born Troyal Garth Brooks on February 7, 1962, in Tulsa, Oklahoma is more than a country music “god,” he is a businessman too.  Let me explain.

We all know Garth Brooks as the singer of country music hits like “Friends in Low Places” and “The Dance.” But when you learn about his career and personal life you realize that there is so much more to this man.

Country Music Career 

Garth Brooks moved to Nashville, TN for the second time in 1987. This time he brought his first wife, Sandy, with him. Brooks had been unsuccessful in Nashville the first time he lived there. The second time was an outstanding success. Garth Brooks signed with Capitol Records and released his first self-titled album in 1989 and set the country music scene on fire.(2017, biography.com)

Since 1989 Brooks has sold more than 100 million albums around the world. His concerts are legendary. From giant arena shows to the more intimate Garth and a guitar shows that he performed at Wynn Las Vegas Brooks has a way of making the concert goer feel like he is singing just to them. His music speaks to people on so many levels. He relates to his fans in such a way that people feel like he has lived through the same problems they have experienced. This has caused his fans to be extremely loyal to the Garth Brooks brand. (2014, 3 Reasons Why Schools Should Be Interested in This “Comeback Kid”, educredservices.com)

Garth Brooks: the Businessman

The Man

Garth Brooks is known for being a great showman, singer, songwriter, husband, humanitarian, and father. This doesn’t mean that he has gone through life without feeling pain. Brooks was very open about his feelings of guilt, and sadness that came with the end of his first marriage to Sandy. They have three daughters together and Garth wanted to make sure that the end of the marriage did as little damage as possible to his girls. Garth retired from his music career in late 2000 to focus his time on his children. The divorce went through in 2001.  From all reports, he and Sandy have managed to co-parent the girls while living in neighbouring homes. Both have carried on in life with mutual respect for one another and their children. When Garth wanted to propose to his then-girlfriend, Trisha Yearwood, he reportedly asked his daughters for their blessings first.

Giving Spirit

Garth Brooks is known for his charitable and giving spirit. He recently helped to reveal the gender of their baby to an expectant couple at a concert. Not only did he reveal the baby’s gender but he also said, “If I am still alive, I am going to pay for that baby’s college education.” What a sweetheart!


Country music superstars Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood work on the 34th Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project with Habitat for Humanity in southeast Edmonton on Monday.

Garth and Trisha are known to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity builds. In February 2017, Garth Brooks played 9 sold-out concerts in Edmonton, Alberta. Brooks and Yearwood returned to Edmonton for a Habitat for Humanity build on July 10, 2017. They joined former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, his wife, Rosalynn Carter and numerous volunteers as the Carter’s help build 150 homes across Canada by 2018 to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday.

Garth Brooks always makes time for his fans and when he says he loves his fans people believe him. Brooks doesn’t take his fortunate life for granted and appears to work hard to improve himself.


Image result for garth brooks graduation from university

Garth Brooks attended Oklahoma State University and earned an Advertising Degree in 1985. Being a famous and successful country music artist you may assume that the Master’s Degree in Business Administration that he received in 2011 from the same university was an honorary one. But it was not. Brooks studied for it and surprised his fellow students when he attended their convocation. (2017, theboot.com)

Mr Brooks’ education has probably helped him to have the confidence to say no to both Itunes and Spotify. He wants to control how his music is distributed. Some may say that means his ego is too big. (2014, educredservices.com) Seems to me that he is a smart businessman and artist who prefers that his albums do not get chopped up into singles only. His albums tell his fans a story and he wants it communicated properly.Therefore in 2016, The Garth Channel was launched on SiriusXM and a deal was inked to stream his music on Amazon. Talk about playing with the big boys. (2017, bankrate.com)

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The Risks Pay Off

Garth Brooks is not only known as a country music star but as a risk taker. (2014, educredservicees.com) Not many artists would be brave enough to retire from a full-blown successful career to spend more time with their children. Although other stars have launched career comebacks I cannot think of any that have done it so well. Garth came back to country music and performing in a way that made it all look easy and seamless. It was like he’d never left. Garth Brooks is a living example of doing the right thing. These decisions and hard work have brought him what Bankrate.com reports is a net worth around $280 million.

We say that it is well deserved. Garth Brooks has brought joy, comfort, and entertainment to many around the world. All while being a good, decent, charitable, and loving man. We wish him well in the future.


The Other Half

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Best Way to Make Money Online With a Blog-Start Writing and Make Money

There are different ways to make money, let’s look at the best way to make money online with a blog.

We will discuss freelance writing  and  blogging

Freelance Writing

There are numerous different places that will pay you to do freelance writing such as blogs (guest blogging), magazines, and journals. According to Jennifer Roland who wrote Earn Money Online: 92 Websites That Pay Writers $50+, for SmartBlogger you have a number of categories that you can write about. Areas such as business, career, finance, essays, family, parenting, health, lifestyle, general interest, tech, travel, and food. It is amazing just how many websites need content. If you love to write and you want to be paid for it, look into different sites and discover who you should contact about being paid. You can even negotiate with some. Write the article and collect your fee.

AuthorBest Way to Make Money Online With a Blog

If you enjoy writing stories, whether nonfiction or fiction based you can become a Kindle author. This allows you to flex your creative muscles and become a published author. As Glen Long has written in The Five Most Realistic Ways to Make a Living as a Writer, for SmartBlogger you will need to be a prolific writer and will likely have published three books before the money becomes even close to a full-time income. The good thing is that once your books become popular you will earn money from your back catalogue as your audience will be looking for more of your material. This may take a couple of years but it is do-able.


The best way to make money online…With a blog

Why not show off your writing skills and build your own Blog. Its a great way to show your work to the general public. A blog can be a non-fiction one or a blog that contains information about a niche market. Gain subscribers that share their email information with you and become an affiliate marketer. We have a blog that we started with the training provided through Wealthy Affiliate. WA has taught us all we need to know to build and advance our blog to the point where the affiliate marketing makes an income. Click here to read a review of WA  and find out more information.

Please let me know if you have any questions




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How Can I Find a Good Paying Online Job that’s Not a Scam?

If you are wondering how you can find a good paying online job that’s not a scam, you have come to the correct place. I am going to help you dig through some of the opportunities that the online world presents and show you how to avoid online scams.

Job Seeking

When you are seeking a job or a career change you need to know that there are “bad” people out there that will try to take advantage of you. Perhaps they think that your guard will be down due to desperation and stress or maybe they are just plain evil.

So…How Can I Find a Good Paying Online Job that’s Not a Scam?

Here are some points to keep in mind while you look for an online job.

As Alison Doyle wrote in 2017 for thebalance.com these offers are:

    1. Too good to be true– it should raise the hairs on your neck if the employer came to you instead of you applying to them, and if you calculate the income and it seems really high for the work they are asking you to do you should ignore the offer of an interview. Your “spidey sense” should be tingling.
    2. The job has a vague list of requirements and the duties you would perform. If they do not tell you exactly what education they want you to have or the years of experience you should bring with you then you may be getting scammed.
    3. If the ad or the email sent to you contains obvious spelling and grammatical errors you do not want to work for them because they are unprofessional and they are scamming you.
    4. They want you to have an online job interview using Yahoo Instant Messenger. The scammers love it. Do not touch that interview offer with a ten-foot pole.
    5. They ask you to provide your personal information such as your banking information, your Social Security or Social Insurance Numbers, or they want you to submit to a credit check. None are those things are necessary before a job interview, EVER.
    6. Look closely at all of the details.
    7. Do some online research. Check the details such as the spelling of the company name, check the company website online and see if the job they are offering is listed on the career page.
    8. When you have received emails from an employee, do some research and contact the company to verify that this employee is real. Scammers can be very sophisticated but they also count on people not doing the simple research into the information given in order to scam you.
    9. If a job offer (or an interview offer) requires that you buy something you need to run away.
    10. Trust your gut– if it does not feel right do not do it!



Online Opportunities

I have written other posts about online work opportunities. Click here to read one.

How Can I Find a Good Paying Online Job that's Not a Scam

We all need money and most of us would like to make more money. Whether you need it to save for college tuition for yourself or your children, or you need it to help pay the bills, or you just want to pay for a family holiday working online can be a great way to earn those extra dollars.

My husband was looking for something to do with his spare time late in 2016. He decided to use the training and support of Wealthy Affiliate to build websites utilizing affiliate marketing to explore our interests and earn money at the same time. If you are curious about WA you can click here to read a review of it.

WA gives you the training and confidence to build two websites for FREE. We love to learn, grow, and have fun. Do you?

Let us know if you have any questions. We will respond to you.


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Let’s Talk About Nouns- Part II

In our first post regarding nouns click here to read it we left off on proper nouns and surnames and how to make them plural.

Image result for nouns

So let’s start this post with how to make a compound noun plural. Compound nouns may be written as solid words, they can also be hyphenated, or appear as separate words.

Solid words- when written as single or solid words, compound nouns for the plural by changing the final element. For example:

bookshelf becomes bookshelves, footnote becomes footnotes, stepchild becomes stepchildren, and photocopy becomes photocopies

**Exception- passerby becomes passersby**

Hyphenated words- when written as hyphenated words the compound nouns become plural by making appropriate changes to the principal or most important noun. For example:

editor-in-chief becomes editors-in-chief, mayor-elect becomes mayors-elect, and mother-in-law becomes mothers-in-law

**If a hyphenated compound noun does not have a principal noun, the final element is made the plural. For example:

cure-all become cure-alls, look-alike becomes look-alikes, trade-in becomes trade-ins, and know-it-all becomes know-it-alls**

Open form or separate words- when written in separate words the plural is added to the principal noun. For example:

bill of lading becomes bills of lading, a board of director becomes boards of directors, leave of absence becomes leaves of absence, and paper clip becomes paper clips

Foreign Nouns

Nouns that are borrowed from foreign languages may retain a foreign plural. These can be confusing, therefore if you have questions about their proper use make sure to double check with a dictionary.

Special Nouns- are those that may end in s and can be either singular or plural in meaning.

Examples of those that are usually singular: billiards, mathematics, news, genetics, or mumps. (usually, they refer to games, fields of study, or diseases.)

Examples of those that are usually plural: clothes, earnings, pants, pliers, and thanks. (usually, clothing or tools)

Examples of those that can be singular or plural: corps, deer, moose, headquarters, politics, sheep, and Vietnamese. (usually animals or nationalities.)

Many people who enjoy writing choose to start a blog. I blog through Wealthy Affiliate which has taught me how to build and support my websites using affiliate marketing. If you are curious about the process you can click here to read our review of WA.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will respond to you.

In the next post about nouns, we will look at the possessive. Until that time, cheers.

The Other Half






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What Are Possessive Nouns?-We Can Answer That!

This is our third instalment regarding nouns. This post is about possessive nouns. As a lifelong learner who recently completed courses in business English, I can assure you that proper grammar can take you far in the business world. Communication is a daily necessity that is of incredible importance in business. So let us move onward and upward.

Image result for possessive nouns

Help!-What Are Possessive Nouns?

As per the article, Forming the Possessive, from ef.com “the possessive form is used with nouns referring to people, groups of people, countries, and animals. It shows a relationship of belonging, between one thing and another. To form the possessive, add apostrophe + s to the noun. If the noun is plural, or already ends in s, just add an apostrophe after the s.”

According to Canadian Business English (2017), there are five ways to use the apostrophe correctly when showing possession. They are:

  1. Possessive construction- two nouns are together and the first shows ownership of or a relationship to the second noun. For example; the man’s calculator, or both doctors’ bags.
  2. Reverse the nouns- take the second noun to start a prepositional phrase. Therefore the ownership word is the object of the preposition. For example; calculator of the man, or bags of both doctors.
  3. Examine the ownership word-as mentioned above, for the correct placement of the apostrophe you need to know if the ownership word is singular or plural.
  4. If the ownership word is singular you will add an apostrophe and s. For example; a witness’s testimony, or a month’s rent.
  5. If the ownership word is plural you will have two choices:
  • If the noun ends in s you will only add an apostrophe. For example; both doctors’ bags, or many investors’ portfolios.
  • If the ownership word is plural but doesn’t end with s, add an apostrophe and s. For example; the children’s rooms, or men’s magazines.

Did you think we were done with possessives? We are not. There is more to know.

Understanding the Possessive Constructions

  1. Descriptive versus possessive nouns- when nouns provide description only, the possessive is not used. For example; Claims Office, the electronics industry, or the Human Resources Department.
  2. Compound nouns- make the compound nouns possessive by adding an apostrophe or apostrophe s to the end of the compound word. For example; mother-in-law’s house, or notary public’s signature.
  3. Incomplete possessives- if the second noun in a possessive noun construction is not used, the first noun is nevertheless possessive. For example; We will meet at Stephen’s [home] after the movie. This year’s revenues are lower than last year’s [revenues].
  4. Separate or combined ownership- if two nouns express separate ownership, make both possessive. If two nouns express combined ownership, make only the second noun possessive. For example; the landlord’s and tenant’s rights, or the husband and wife’s business.
  5. Names of organizations- When the name of an organization or business includes an apostrophe or should include an apostrophe, you cannot change their name, even if the name creates what looks like a grammatical error. For example; Domino’s Pizza, or Tim Hortons. Always check their letterhead or website to make sure you have the spelling correct.
  6. Abbreviations-to make abbreviations possessive you need to follow the same guidelines as those used for nouns. For example; the CBC’s coverage, or the CMA’s new ruling.
  7. Awkward possessives- these occur when the addition of an apostrophe makes the possessive look awkward. When this occurs you should use a prepositional phrase instead. For example; “my brothers-in-law’s opinions” becomes “the opinions of my brothers-in-law.” OR “Do you have your neighbour’s doctor’s telephone number?” rather write it as ” Do you have the telephone number of your neighbour’s doctor?” See, they have a much clearer meaning.

Another way to look at the awkward possessives is to use an “of phrase” starting with the object owned. For example; You would say, “The advice of my sister’s lawyer.” not, ” My sister’s lawyer’s advice.”

We hope this post will help you to remember the rules when using possessive nouns. Let us know if it does, or if you have any further advice to share.

If you have read to the bottom of this post you must be interested in writing. I apologize for the dry subject matter but knowing the rules of writing is important. If you enjoy writing and are open to blogging you may want to learn about affiliate marketing. I blog through Wealthy Affiliate which offers a very informative starter training program that allows you to build two websites for FREE. Click here to read a review of WA.


The Other Half


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