Average Commute Times in Chicago-and more


Many people that work outside of their homes have to conquer long commute times. Their commute can occur with the help of public transportation or within a private vehicle. In this concise article, we will look at the average time people spend in traffic throughout various American and Canadian cities.

Getting There in America

Did you know that there are reports done regarding commute times? The Canadian Government has even collected commuting information on a Federal Census. So let’s take a look and see who has it the worst.

The average commute times in Chicago

According to Cecile Borkhataria for Dailymail.com, if you live in Chicago did you know that you deserve a hero cookie? Why? Well, you win the prize of having the longest commute time. Lucky? Not really. Who really wants to sit in traffic, or even move in traffic for on average 32.4 minutes each way to get to and from work? If you commute in Philadelphia you get to spend 31.2 minutes on average each way. If you move to Los Angeles you will shave a little time on your commute by spending on average 28.9 minutes getting to and from work.

Getting There in Canada

If you live in Canada you might think that your commute would be significantly shorter. Guess again. According to Statistics Canada, those that commute to work in Toronto spends on average 32.8 minutes travelling either way to work. In Oshawa, you will have on average 31.8 minutes to kill while getting to from work. While Montrealer’s get away with an average commute of 29.7 minutes.

My Commute:

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  1. Very interesting. Some good trivia there about commutes. I kind of like the idea of working from home. I’m going to check that out

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