Basic Exercises To Get Fit

Now you are working at home on your successful business and your commute is now 15 steps from your kitchen to your computer. Exercise wise that’s going to be a problem. You’re going to need an exercise plan.

The Good Exercises To Do At Home List

Okay, we won’t start with this one, let’s look at some others.

Aerobic Exercise

Walking is a great way to ease stress and it is good for the heart and lungs. You can do it anywhere. It will help you sleep better and it will improve your mood. It is a low impact exercise so there is less risk of injury than there is with running or jogging. It can also prevent varicose veins, due to the movement of the legs. Walking is an aerobic exercise.

Anaerobic Exercise Ideas

The Plank is when you hold a position very similar to a push up for as long as possible. This exercise is great for abs and for core muscles. It works out the arms, the shoulders, your core and your abs. Once you are able to hold the position for a longer time period, lift one leg, the balance will add even more effort and reward to the workout, then you switch legs.


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the plank/

Crunches A crunch is not a sit up, the lower back does not leave the floor. This exercise is great for the abs. You can do side crunches too.

Squats: They work the quads, hamstrings, gluts and the core. They also help with balance and coordination. There are several different squats to do such as: Goblet squat, front and back squat.

Push ups: Works the arms, chest, shoulders and abs. The exercise can be done with hands under the shoulders, close together or spread apart.

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A gym membership or yoga classes are always a great option to help create variety in your workouts.

Many apps are available which are great resources for exactly how to do these exercises properly. Many will track your progress and provide you with access to trainers and even meal planning.

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