The Entrepreneurial Dream

When you work for someone else you never truly own anything that your work results in. You may have an office or some books on the shelf but they’re not yours

Yes, you do take ownership of projects but they are owned by the company. In a way that’s good, at the end of the day you go home and you’re done, no worries…but something is missing. Or worse yet, you go home at the end of the day and your boss still expects you to answer emails and calls in the evening. You don’t get paid for the extra hours you end up working but you know that the dedication is expected even though it is not rewarded.You find that you have the drive for ownership, you want more, to make more money and to set your own working hours. To build more and expand, kind of like a real life game of Monopoly.


I was in the 9-5 game but I was unsatisfied working for the gain of others. I truly missed owning a business of my own. I owned a vending business in the past and I loved it.

There is nothing like building something yourself and living off what you made…that’s pride.

How To Be An Entrepreneur At Home

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