Can I Improve my Spelling?

People that struggle with spelling often wonder; can I improve my spelling?  The easy answer is, of course, you can.  In this article, I am going to explore different games that can be played to help improve your spelling and a trick or two that will help you learn to spell some of the most commonly misspelt words.

Game Play

I have found that I love improving my brain, and I have found different ways to do so.  I have been a member of Lumosity for a few years now and I play their selection of games daily. The website does offer a week or two for free as a trial period and if you are hooked like I was, they offer a yearly subscription. Lumosity offers games to improve many different brain functions such as attention, problem-solving, flexibility, speed, memory, and language, which will of course help with your spelling skills. You can play Lumosity games on your smartphone, or on your laptop.  The laptop version has more games than the smartphone app does and although the games can be challenging, they are quite fun.  The app even sends me a daily reminder that it is time to train my brain.  Lumosity tracks your progress and lets you know how you compare to other people in your age category.  It is definitely a worthwhile investment in your brain health.

I play another smartphone app called Peak that also trains your brain. It is an interesting app as well and has not only brain games, but different calming activities, memory, problem-solving, emotion, focus, language, and mental agility games.  They offer different add-ons from their partners that include handling emotions, memory masterclass, a memory training wizard, attention training, sports cognition training, emotional management, creative thinking, empathy,  and working memory modules. The Peak app offers at least 54 games to train your brain in all the different ways mentioned above. It can be downloaded through the Apple App Store, or on Google Play for your smartphone.  Peak offers tracking of your progress and a comparison between your performance and that of others at your skill level, and also your age group.

I have found that by training all areas of my brain I have been able to improve my spelling skills, my editing skills, my vocabulary,  my problem-solving skills, and my mental math skills.  I am always looking for ways to improve myself but I also like to be entertained as I do so, and perhaps I have a bit of a competitive side that also gets exercised while playing Lumosity, and Peak games daily.

I might be giving the impression that all I do is play games, and my next sentence may not help with that impression.  But here goes, I also have improved my spelling and learned words like QAT, XI, and ZA by playing Words with Friends on my smartphone app. You can also play Words with Friends on a laptop through Facebook.  I enjoy both. I play against my 80-year-old mother-in-law, and she is a tough competitor. The thing I like about it is that it will not allow you to score points on a misspelt word, therefore improving not only your spelling but your memory too.

There are tricks to use that will help you learn how to spell as well. According to  these tricks include but are not limited to:

  • using memory tricks (mnemonics)
  • seeing the word within words
  • understanding the history of words and spelling
  • using sayings and rhymes
  • breaking down the syllables
  • knowing the common letter patterns

When it comes to homophones, that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings your best bet might be memorization.  Examples of these are the often misused words of:

  • Their, they’re, and there
  • to, too, and two
  • than, and then
  • hear, and here
  • wear, and where
  • peace, and piece

Sometimes spelling errors are actually grammar errors.  Grammar has many rules and is a whole other ball of wax. If I am brave I will tackle that subject one day, or twenty!

Okay, let’s get to some of the tricks and how they work,

The Word-in-Word Trick

You would never eat a peace of pie, but you would eat a piece of a pie.

I often need to add an address to my iPhone.

Remember that a secretary is required to keep company secrets.

Poor Emma, she’s in a dilemma.

I use my spelling and grammar skills on a daily basis with the websites I have built through Wealthy Affiliate. WA has taught me how to build sites that allow me to earn an income with affiliate marketing. I have taken my hobbies and interests and turned them into the theme for my websites or blogs. I am enjoying every day of work. If you are curious about what I am referring to please Have a look at my Wealthy Affiliate review here.


The Rhymes Trick

I love this rhyme to help me remember how to spell the difficult word of rhythm.

Rhythm has your two hips moving.”

If you have certain words that trip you up, make a rhyme or a saying and you will not misspell it again.

Such as the word committee.  C-o-m-m-i-t-t-e-e…committees always want twice as much effort as you want to give. It’s not a rhyme but it works as it triggers my memory.

To conclude, you can certainly improve your spelling. I believe it will take effort and time but it can be done in a number of ways.  I prefer the gaming method, as I find that accurate spelling takes all different aspects of brain power.  Some of mine occurs through memory, such as picturing the word in my head, some words require tricks, and some words require attention. If you are determined to improve your spelling then take that dedication and check out different methods until you find what works for you and your learning style.  May the spelling Gods look warmly upon your efforts.

Please let me know of any comments or questions you may have.


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