Computer Eye Strain

Ugh, everyone hates a headache, and the ones that begin from computer eye strain can be very annoying. I love my work, I love the chance to connect with different people every day, but I don’t love it when it hurts. Let’s explore different techniques to find some relief.

Help Me, I’m Working and My Eyes Hurt!

If you have a full time job that requires you to look at a computer screen than you are at risk of experiencing eye strain.  This can manifest itself as fatigue, eye twitching, redness, and a decrease in productivity due to more errors.  Doesn’t sound like fun, and work should not be painful.

How Can I Get Some Relief?

  1. Your eye doctor is a friend, not foe.  I have required vision correction my entire adult life so I get a yearly eye exam.  Even if you don’t think you need eyeglasses you should still have your eyes examined yearly. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as my mother (the Queen of Cliches) would say.
  2. Prevent glare off your computer screen by having proper computer placement and proper window coverings if you are blessed with a window in your office. If you wear glasses have the anti-reflective coating applied to your lenses.  Trust me, it’s worth the small fee. If you are dealing with glare you will soon be dealing with wrinkles as well since you cannot help but squint.
  3. Have the proper lighting in your work space. Proper lighting when working on a computer should be half as bright as what is usually found in most offices. Do not place your computer monitor or laptop in front of, or behind a window.  Windows should be to the side of your monitor. If possible do not work under fluorescent lights but instead work with a floor lamp that provides indirect incandescent light.
  4. Make sure your computer has a flat, laptop style monitor, that has a liquid crystal display (LCD). When choosing an LCD screen pick one with the highest resolution possible, and choose a large display area. When it comes to a desktop computer the display should be at least 19″.
  5. 5. your display settings: by adjusting the brightness to the same as your work space you  can avoid increased eye strain, adjust the text size and the contrast especially if you are reading the screen for a long time, and adjust the color temperature, avoid blue, and stick closer to the orange and red ranges.Make sure to blink more than usual.  This causes your eyes to be moistened. Dryness and subsequent irritation will only add to eye strain. If you have a particularly dry work space, try lubricating eye drops. They can provide soothing relief to your eyes.
  6. Use the 20-20-20 rule.  This rule asks that for every 20 minutes of screen time you look up and gaze at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds or more.  This rule not only benefits your eyes but your neck, your shoulders, and quite often, your posture.
  7. Be kind to your body, after all you need it to live.  Duh. Anyway make sure that you are not constantly sitting.  Get up, walk around. Move your printer a little further away from your work station. Okay so now you’re going to walk around more at work, don’t forget to take your vitamins. The vitamins that help promote overall eye health are: Vitamin A, C, & E with a B Complex, and Zinc. If you want to learn more about whole body comfort while working at a computer, check out my article entitled What is the best desk for a Home Office?

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