Getting Started


My name is Bill and I am self – employed and happily working out of the home.

I was in the work world for years, dealing with bosses, office politics and co-workers stealing part of my lunch.

I thought there must be more out there, something different and even better. I waded through the sea of “get rich quick” websites on the internet but passed them by. I did come across one that caught my eye.

I started my own affiliate marketing websites with help from Wealthy Affiliate. WA has provided me with all the training and support I have needed to get my sites up and running and generating money. I am by no means a tech savvy person and I have managed to make my websites work with the assistance of Wealthy Affiliate.

Free Starter Membership

If you are looking for something new, or something more, you can register here for a free starter membership. We will help you with anything you need. Career changes are tough, you will want to know someone has your back to help you succeed.

I gave it a shot and now I am able to:

  • attend my kids’ school productions, or go to the doctor or dentist during the day
  • occasionally go for lunch with my lovely wife during the work day
  • feel that my efforts are rewarded in so many ways
  • decide what I think my efforts deserve by way of compensation, in other words, I don’t ask a boss for a pay raise any more.

  • take a spin class (just kidding…well maybe)
  • work out of my home
  • have the flexibility to set my own working hours

If you have any questions or I can help with anything please let me know.