Grammarly Premium Review

Grammarly Premium Review 2017

Product Name: Grammarly

Created by: Max Lytvyn & Alex Shevchenko

My overall rank: 90/100

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Grammarly Premium is writing enhancement software that will help correct spelling and grammar errors while you write. It provides you with tools to enhance your writing.


Grammarly Premium software will scan your text for more than 250 types of grammar errors. It can also work within six different genres of writing. It will guide you to correct your errors while also offering you flash card type explanations of how to correct or avoid the grammatical errors. You can use Grammarly in your web browser, or as a Microsoft Office add-on, or you can install the Grammarly Chrome plugin.


  • easy to use
  • gives you the chance to learn
  • tracks your progress
  • scans for plagiarism
  • high level of accuracy with its suggested corrections
  • is a useful tool for those learning English
  • works in all sorts of writing platforms
  • you can have it check your writing in either US or British English


  • does not have 100% accuracy with its suggested corrections (eg: in the text above Grammarly suggested I change add-on to add-in, I chose to ignore the suggestion.)
  • some may find Grammarly Premium expensive
  • does not replace the need for a human proofreader

Who is it for?

Grammarly will provide a high level of assistance for anyone who has English as a second language. It will also help those that do not write often while it is also helpful to those that write often and self-publish on a blog for example. You may find it useful if you are a student but make sure you are not violating any rules or regulations of your university or college.

Training and Support

Training is not required when using Grammarly. Just start writing and it will do its job. I usually see a correction (typos) within the first sentence or two. Yes, my keyboarding skills need some improvement. The support offered is pretty standard and there is a community of writers that communicate with each other on the Grammarly site.


There are three different ways to buy a Grammarly Premium subscription.

  1. Monthly for US $29.95
  2. Quarterly for US $59.95 = US $19.98/m
  3. Annual for US $139.95 = US $11.66/m


I find great value in my Grammarly Premium subscription. I like to think of Grammarly Premium as my back up since I write many posts that are published on my blogs. Having someone available to proofread my posts is not always possible and I appreciate the “digital eyes” that check my work. I also appreciate the reminders that it gives me of the finer points of grammar. I love that the program tracks my process as I am competitive with myself and like to be able to easily compare one week’s productivity to another week. The reports will also make you aware of any problems that you consistently have in your writing. For example: Are your sentences too wordy? Do you often misplace apostrophes? Do you end sentences with prepositions? Do you use squinting modifiers?

I love to learn and find that Grammarly Premium loves to teach. We, therefore, are a wonderful combination. Let me know if use Grammarly and how it has helped, or hindered you by leaving a comment. Thank you.


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