How To Be Productive While Working From Home

So you’ve done it, you have your own home based business. Are you ready for the freedom? And what I also mean is, are you ready for the self-discipline needed to be your own boss?

Because now you don’t have a boss to tell you when you start work or when to take a break or when to have lunch or finish work for the day. It will take discipline and a plan to keep yourself on track and to ensure your business becomes profitable and stays profitable.

Let’s look at a plan for how we can make this change work. Don’t forget you have family and friends that will be affected by this change too.

Here are a few things I suggest regarding how to be productive while working at home:

The Being Productive At Home Plan

  • Set aside a start and end time for your day:  You are at work.
  • Get in a routine. You will need to have time outside of work for family, friends and hobbies so make the most of your work time. I also set aside time for a lunch break (30 minutes).
  • Have a work area allocated for your “home office”.  It doesn’t need to be an entire room just an area for a computer, a comfortable chair and a few supplies. Having the same location will add consistency to your day and will allow you to stay “set up” and ready to go.
  •  Have stationery supplies:  Notepad, pens, calculator and post-it notes are handy things to have.
  • Create a Weekly Schedule:  Map out a weekly plan of what you want to accomplish. Divide the weekly plan into a daily plan. It will probably be the same each week.  A weekly/daily list will ensure you don’t forget anything and will help keep your days organized.

  • Stay off social media, it is a time killer. Time goes by extremely quickly when you go on Facebook to “just check”. I recommend you keep the tv off too. Your time is valuable and you wouldn’t sit on a couch at a regular job eating Cheetos right?
  • You need to treat it like a regular job:  Try not to run an errand, do laundry or grab a quick coffee with a friend. It will eat up the day quickly. Just like a regular out of home job those chores and errands need to be done after work hours.
  • Here is a blog on Wealthy Affiliate called “Productivity Tips” good information. It is a great resource. Have a look here. 

Working at home is awesome. Seeing the kids off to school and if a kid is sick you don’t need to ask for a day off (although you will want to make up any work time that is used caring for a sick child) and no office politics or cranky bosses.

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18 thoughts on “How To Be Productive While Working From Home

  1. Hi Bill,

    Another great article! I really need to tackle the distractions I have been facing to be more productive, so I’m taking your advice here to shut off all social media, at least until I have gotten my tasks for the day completed. Thanks much for the tips!

  2. Great post, I’ve taken training at Wealthy Affiliates and can definitely vouch for the quality of the training. It is expert and state of the art training and website hosting. The owners are very proactive in updating the training and the servers and all the services offered through WA. The WA community is also extremely helpful and ready to help those who ask. I became a Premium member on my 3rd day of the free trial and have never regretted it. That was in August of 2014 and I’m still a member and learning new stuff. I can’t say enough good about the Wealthy Affiliate University and its offerings.
    – Shirley

  3. Great ideas, thanks for the tips and keep up the work. Discipline in a home based business is more important than at a structured workplace where someone is always there to remind you of your responsibilities.

  4. It does take discipline to work from home. But, the payoff is great! And the fastest way to a successful online business is Wealthy Affiliate. You can’t go wrong with nothing to lose! Great info!

  5. Excellent article, and absolutely correct! Just because you work at home doesn’t mean you do not have to work. It requires a lot of discipline to be your own boss, and stay motivated.

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