How To Increase Your Typing Speed

If you are anything like me your typing skills or “keyboarding” could use a little work. Let’s look at how to increase your typing speed and accuracy.

With an online home business you will be using a keyboard a lot and it would be in your best interest to be an effective typist.

There are many places to get information on ways to increase your skills including:

  • take a college course
  • lots on information and videos are available online
  • U-Tube videos
  • Various websites offer free training
  • apps such as “tap typing” can be a good resource


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A proper keyboard that will work for you is important. There are several styles and types available. Choose one that is ergonomically comfortable.

Overall, ergonomics will be very important for your comfort as well as will dictate how long you are able to spend at the keyboard. A comfortable chair, arms at 90 degrees and the top of the screen at eye level will make all the difference in the world. Keep your back straight and don’t lean forward.

Keyboarding should be done without looking at the keys. There is a sentence that is used for training that contains all the letters of the alphabet.”The quick brown fox jumps  over the lazy dog”. Practicing typing this sentence over and over will help increase both speed and accuracy.


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