How to increase your Vocabulary

Let’s look at some of the many different ways of how to increase your vocabulary. No one wants to be the person on stage who can only communicate with words like great, incredible, and really great. Okay let’s not go THERE.

Tips and Tricks

According to Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D. there are at least seven ways to learn how to increase your vocabulary.  They are to read as much as you can. Not just from one type of source either, but read novels, magazines, newspapers, and literary works.  You will find yourself exposed to new words. If you don’t know the word, look it up in a dictionary.

  1. Keep a Dictionary or Thesaurus nearby. First look up a word that is new to you in the dictionary, then look it up in the thesaurus to learn similar words, and words that are the opposite of the new word.
  2. Keep a journal of new words.  Increasing your vocabulary is like any other skill you want to improve, it takes effort.  It is nice, especially if you are feeling discouraged to look over the list of new words and see how many you have learned, and how many you have incorporated into your daily communication.
  3. Learn a word a day through a calendar or a website.
  4. Study Latin and Greek. Okay this one sounds daunting to me, but you will learn about the origins of many English words if you are brave.
  5. Play some word games.  This one is my favorite. I love a game of Words with Friends, Scrabble, or any of the word games on Lumosity, and Peak.  Crossword puzzles will expand your learning in many different areas, including your vocabulary.

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6. Speak with other people, have a conversation. It’s a wonderful way to expand not just your vocabulary but your mind set.  Plus you could change your life by gaining a new friend, or business associate

7. Make and use flashcards with new words and their definition and place them around your home.  When you have a moment, such as while brushing your teeth, study some words.  It can’t hurt, and it just may help you.

8. Write more as it gives you the perfect chance to take your increasing vocabulary out for a spin.  Write thank you notes, or cards, or start a blog.

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These are a few simple ideas, (except the Latin and Greek) to improve and learn how to increase your vocabulary.  Let me know which ones you like the best, and which ones you have tried by leaving a comment.


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