How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

Having kids and staying at home with them was a dream of mine. I worried about how they would turn out if someone else did most of the hands on raising of them. I worried about having the energy to work all day while suffering the inevitable sleep deprivation that comes with parenting. I worried about having an understanding boss when I had to stay home with a sick child or two. Basically, I worried. A lot and I wanted to understand how to make money as a stay at home Mom.

If I wasn’t worried about the kids I was worried about paying the bills. My husband and I made many sacrifices when we decided to start a family. We decided that it was important to us that I was home with the kids until they started school full-time. Our two children were born only 16 months apart so that meant I wanted to be home for at least 7 years. It didn’t mean that I couldn’t make money though.

Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

I began to research different ways to make money from home and these are some of the ideas I found:

  • Blogging- if you love to write and have something to say (about anything) you can either have your own blog or write in a freelance manner for other blogs.
  • Make money with your smartphone using Juno wallet, Gigwalk, or WeReward.
  • Teach English or almost any other language to people online. You can make around $15 to $20 per hour when you find clients through
  • Rent out your vehicle (short-term) to people who are generally tourists using a site such as or if you have a spare pick-up truck people could rent it to move.
  • Dog sit, house sit, babysit.
  • Start a pooper scooper business. Dog owners hate doing the Spring clean up of their back yard. It is gross but you can charge accordingly.
  • Start a business. Take your passion and turn it into a money maker. Check out Wealthy Affiliate and start your very own online business. Excellent training and support. Free introductory membership.
  • Here is my review of Wealthy Affiliate

Both my husband and I love to work for ourselves. It means that we can work from home during the time we have available. We get to be with the kids when they need us and set a good example of determination and perseveranceĀ for them at the same time.

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