Need Money for College?

need money for college?

We all need money. Some of us need money due to illness, and some of us need to buy a different car, and some of us need to money for college. Attending college is seen as a right of passage in the western world. Any teenager attending high school will be able to tell you that everyone and I mean everyone, wants to know where they are wanting to go to college, what they want to study, and what they will be when they grow up. Teenagers use to have choices other than attending college, or rather the other choices use to be shared with them. I happen to believe that there is nothing wrong with joining your countries military, and entering an apprenticeship to learn a trade should be more encouraged in North America. Not everyone needs to earn a degree to find success in their work life.

I also know that I will encourage our children to attend a four-year degree program at a college, or university (as it is called in Canada) only if that degree leads directly to a well-paying job. For example, a Bachelor of Education Degree to become a teacher (teachers are well paid in Canada), or a Bachelor of Science Degree to become a Dental Hygienist, or a Bachelor of Commerce Degree to enter the banking industry. I am a big believer in the trades as well. We will always need electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and pipe fitters. The great thing about learning a trade is that you can work your way up to being the person running the projects, or own the company and get to put your entrepreneurial skills to the test as well.

So let’s discuss the many different ways to earn the money needed to attend college.

First perhaps your parents were able to save a bit of money for your future education, in Canada it is called a Registered Education Savings Plan or RESP for short. These savings plans can be set up and administered by banks or private RESP companies.  The Canadian and Provincial Governments offer government funded contributions to a child’s RESP as well. I know that sometimes parents are not able to save for educational expenses because it is important to eat after all. In my 20’s I had to take out student loans to attend college. I also worked part time while attending classes.

So the first way to earn money for college is to work. Work a full-time job and work a part-time job, do whatever you can to save money. Live on a budget.

Money making Ideas

According to Taylor Trudon who wrote 7 Ways to Make Money Before Going Back to School for you can:

  • Consign your old clothing– this allows you to remove some clutter, which gives you a clearer mind, plus if you have clothes that you no longer wear why not see if someone else can make use them. You can feel good that you are recycling.
  • Tutoring– if you have the math, English, or science skills you can offer your tutoring services to kids of all ages and the parents will gladly pay you at least $15 per hour.
  • Make money with your photography– check out my article here for more tips “How to sell photos on the internet”
  • Participate in clinical studies– check Craigslist, or local university websites to see what is available. The nice thing with clinical studies is that you receive payment immediately.
  • Have a yard or garage sale– We all have clutter and things we do not use anymore. Set up a table on the front lawn and advertise and people will come. Where I live there is a Facebook page for virtual garage sales. I have also taken advantage of a local website that allows people to advertise what they are selling for free.
  • Teach computer skills– kind of like the tutoring route but most likely your students would be adults with this one. With some patience and a welcoming personality, you could make a small fortune teaching people to use Microsoft word, excel, email, surf the web, and many more programs.
  • Offer your services as a party assistant– advertise that you are available to help parents manage the mayhem of birthday, pool, or beach parties for their children. Parents often need an extra set of hands and you can create a nice little side business for yourself.
  • I would also suggest that you can offer babysitting, nanny, pet sitting, house sitting, or dog walking services that can earn you extra cash without needing a special wardrobe, or tools to complete the job. If you don’t mind a small investment then you could have a small business that offers lawn care services such as mowing, planting, fertilising, weeding, or watering of outdoor plants while people are on holidays. All you would need is a lawn mower, gardening gloves, and some enthusiasm.

  • Build a website about what you are interested in and make MONEY- Here is some information on this opportunity “what is affiliate marketing“.  I currently have 2 websites and I plan to build more and yes I am making money from them. It is a great way to make money and it wont affect school or studying. A few hours a week will be enough to build a website and get your “business” started. There is a free starter membership that includes 2 free websites and tons of training and support. The Premium membership is only $49/month it will pay for itself quickly. I can give you a discount on that 1st month. Everything you need to make money is here. Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.  Please let me know of any questions or concerns you have

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Please let me know of any questions you have. I went to college and trade school so I am here to help




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