A Home Business

Did I just hear you say: “I want a home business?” Let’s take a look down that road and see what lies ahead.

An affiliate website built with the help of Wealthy Affiliate and myself is the ticket to self employment. It is what gave me my start. I have 2 sites now and I plan to build more. My wife works with me and it is awesome! They offer excellent training and support and its free to start and to have a look around.


Here is my Wealthy Affiliate review. Now I will let you get back to the article.

What to Expect

While researching this article I found that I completely agreed with thebalance.com when they suggested that you should consider whether:

You are suited for working from home?

  1. Are you self-disciplined?
  2. Are you organized?
  3. Do you need a “boss” to keep you on task?
  4. Do you have too many distractions at home?
  5. Do you like to have feedback on your performance?
  6. How well do you manage time?

Do you have money?

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  1. Do you have a “nest egg” to live on?
  2. Will your “nest egg” last until you start to see returns from your business?
  3. Do you have the patience and the persistence to work while awaiting your success?
  4. Can you manage money?


  1. Have you read books, researched, and spoken to other entrepreneurs that work from home?
  2. Have you thought of solutions to any problems, or short comings, that you have discovered by reading the above lists?

What do you want to do? Want a home business?

Have you figured out what your business should be?

If you need some more help with that, please check out my article:The “Characteristics of an Entrepreneur” article will take you through the journey to business ownership. So make sure to give it a read.

What’s next Bill?

As Leslie Truex states in the article, “7 Habits of Successful Home Business Owners,” you should remember:

  1. Focus on Value: if you offer a product, or service, that is needed by your market; the money will follow.
  2. Stay in touch with emerging trends. Don’t be left our in the cold because you weren’t paying attention. Don’t become a Barnes & Noble trying to catch up to Amazon.
  3. Build relationships with your clients, your community, and the movers and shakers in your industry. This will get you more business. You must network.
  4. Be a life long learner. Never stop reading, researching, taking courses, and listening to other entrepreneurs.
  5. Do not forget the self-care. Eat right, exercise, sleep well, and feed your soul. You should not give up your life, or relationships to work non-stop. Remember that you cannot spend enough money to replace your health.
  6. Do not live to work. Even if you LOVE your business, you will need vacations, and time with family and friends. Do not give up your hobbies.
  7. Get some help. You cannot do it all, there just is not enough time in a day. Outsource, delegate, and establish systems to maximize your efficiency.


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Please let me know of any comments or questions you may have. I would love to read them.





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