I Want a New Job!

What should happen after you find yourself saying, “I want a new job?”

First of all here is a legitimate, huge potential opportunity for a successful home business. I will get into it more later.

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Even if you are currently unemployed and you desperately need a job to help pay the bills, do not act desperate. Many sites on the internet state this, in many different ways, but it is very important to search out the job you want and then discover what you need to do in order to get it.

If you want to work for someone else, Catherine Conlan wrote the Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Looking for a Job published on Monster.com where she gives you tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes. Conlan says that people often will:

  1. Don’t apply without a Plan- in other words, do not show your desperate need for a job.
  2. Don’t ignore Your Online Presence- it is common for future employers to ask, “How many connections do you have on LinkedIn?” Use the tool to make a good impression.  Be professional.  Take down, or better yet, never post about a past employer, a break-up, drug, or alcohol use, or any unprofessional opinions, or photos on social media.  Employers will check in to your online presence and do not want to be offended in any way. So keep your tongue in your mouth when you are photographed, and don’t brag about “acting a fool.”
  3. Make a Laundry List Resume- in today’s world, potential employers want a resume full of your skills, problems you have solved, recognition, and promotions you have received. A resume should no longer be just about dates, and places you have worked at but more about the actions you have taken in the past.
  4. Don’t Overlook Researching the Company- potential employees want to know that you have taken the initiative to learn all you can about the company you are applying to. Look into their mission statement, learn where the company has been, and where it wants to go in the future, and any appearances the company has had in the news.
  5. Don’t Underestimate Your Value- to put it simply; do not settle. Know what your skills are worth in the marketplace, and stick to that value. You will spend many important hours at a new job, so do not sell yourself short. Be confident in your skills and talents, and understand that you should be rewarded for using them.

My Own Business

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, the drive, and the desire to work for yourself then the possibilities could be endless. You can have a store, or be a manufacturer, or have an online business.  I love being able to work from home, and I admit there are days when I work in my pajama’s. It works for me and my family, and allows me to be fulfilled and satisfied with my accomplishments. If you are interested in starting a business without making a large financial investment, and enjoy endless possibilities for success you should look at the following information.

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The concept of affiliate marketing is basic and it is all around us online. You write a article about something you love such as a hobby. Put links to websites such as Walmart, Staples or thousands of others. When your website visitor purchases something through your site you make a commission. These advertisers love affiliate websites. It is an easy way for them to sell their products.

Give it a try with a free starter membership and have a look around. I will be there to answer any questions you have.   See you inside!

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