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Life is expensive. Add in a couple of children or more and it becomes really expensive. Many people have dreams of a larger home or better finishes and furnishings (I blame HGTV for my design ideas) or maybe it is a family cabin or paying for the kid’s university tuition that motivates you to earn more money. Then comes retirement. A period in life when priorities shift back to your own needs and want’s. As a parent, I have to imagine what that will feel like. But as a parent, I have experienced how quickly the years fly by and therefore I know that planning for tomorrow is just as important as paying for today. That has had me thinking about different ways to earn more money not just for the family trips, activities, and home renovations of today but for the retirement years. I have expressed before that I believe we start to die when we stop learning. With that in mind, I considered how to make money from a hobby while having fun, learning, and challenging myself.

The All Encompassing Hobby: Blogging

Blogging? Yes, blogging. This hobby has opened so many doors to adventure and exploration for us. It is unending, it is fun, it is challenging sometimes, and it allows us to learn more on a daily basis. Blogging is for anyone that wants to share an idea, an opinion, or a story. It is not just for Generation Y. We all have a story, why not share it with a far-reaching audience? Check out my blog below. Beware it’s a spooky site…

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My husband and I love all things spooky and spine-tingling. It started with horror genre movies and books and has spread into the desire to explore areas or buildings that are said to be haunted. We look forward to exploring many haunted places throughout North America when the retirement years come and we will, of course, share those stories and adventures with you on our blog. As our knowledge and experience expand we may choose to become paranormal investigators and work with psychic mediums to help people in need. Who knows? We are open to going wherever our curiosity leads us. Our haunted realities blog also gives us a chance to earn money through affiliate marketing. We have found the whole experience to be rewarding.


My husband and I have also both been small business owners in the past and we know the joys, hardships, and perseverance it takes to be a business person. This led us to our second blog, ubownboss where you are now. We use it to share our knowledge with others that also dream of working for themselves.

We have built our websites with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.It has given us the training and the support needed to build our affiliate marketing websites.

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We have plans for numerous other websites that will include other hobbies and interests we have. We look forward to reaching, even more, people that share our interests.

Let us know if you have any questions by leaving a comment.


Bill and the Other Half

2 thoughts on “Make Money From a Hobby

  1. I like the idea to share your hobby and why not? make some extra cash while doing it. I know Wealthy Affiliates have some great training, and I can say that because of personal experience with them. Excellent group of people. The thing that I like about them from other affiliates sites is that you can try it free, check around and feel the experience. Once you checked all about, you decide if it is right for you. I also like the way they teach you step by step. Oh! and the community in it, simply great.
    Excellent post indeed.

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