Make Money From Home

Why not make money in your spare time, or even full- time, from home? There are many ways you can do this.  Let’s go!

Show Me The Money!

I have read many different articles with suggestions for making money from home. So far my favorite one was found on and here are the highlights:

  1. Sign up to take surveys. You can earn money, gift cards, and prizes like vacations. Check out the following places,,,, or to start.
  2. Get paid to test websites. Go to and have your mouse moves, and spoken comments recorded on video and get paid. Takes about 15 minutes, and you can earn around $40 CDN/hour.
  3. At home bookkeeping. Run your own business. Be your own boss. Check out if you’re interested.
  4. Watch videos. Like seriously, can life get better? They might not be incredibly entertaining, but is work ever? Look into to see what they offer.
  5. Sign up for ebates. Why not earn rewards for doing the online shopping you would usually do?
  6. I love this next idea. Get paid for losing weight! It’s really a neat idea. You go to You will place a bet, for how much weight you will lose in a certain amount of time, and GO! You can earn a surprising amount of money for reaching your goal.
  7. Clean up Search Engine mistakes. Check out to explore different opportunities.
  8. If you have a keen attention to details and masterful keyboarding skills, you can do transcription. If you are familiar with medical, and legal terms you can earn more per hour.  This job is very flexible with your work hours, but you need to have the self-discipline to get the work done. Check out for opportunities.
  9. Become a Nielsen family and scan your grocery purchases. You can apply at and when you are selected they will send you a scanner.  Fun times!

Another chance to make some extra money, or even replace an income is to drive for Uber. This means you need to leave home, and have a vehicle. And you might need to live in an urban area, but if you have all those, and you like people, give it a try.


You could build an affiliate website with Wealthy Affiliate. They train and completely support you as you build your own affiliate website.

They offer a free starter membership for you to try it out. It is a great low cost opportunity to own your own business. The Premium membership is only $49/month and this includes: training, support, videos, classrooms and tons more. 840,000 memberships will vouch for the opportunity you have with Wealthy Affiliate. Check out my review here. Please see the chart below for what is included in each membership.

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