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Can I make money from home? Absolutely!! You want to make money but you aren’t sure how to do it right? Let me shed some light on the process involved.

As you probably know there are tons of scams and misdirection’s on the internet. There is no shortage of ads pushing “get rich” and “make money now”.  Have you heard the term “If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is” ?

You need to be realistic and let your gut instinct lead you. There are actual legitimate ways to make money but they require some effort on your part.

When I wanted to do something different I searched for at least a month before I found something. The others promised fast money then in the fine print stated that it would cost me money to start. Sounds fishy to me. Then I found the world of affiliate marketing and did a lot of research.

The concept of how to make money from home is very basic:

Choose a niche- You need to choose a passion or hobby of yours. Pick something you enjoy, you will be writing lots of short articles. Narrow your idea down to a small market. If you leave it  broad then after lots of posts it will become confusing and cluttered. For example I like all things horror, movies etc. The niche of “Horror” is too broad, narrowing it down more to say movies. “horror movies” is fairly narrowed but you could go even farther to; found footage or thriller or monster movies. As you can see the opportunities are endless for a niche.

Build a website Once you have a niche its time to build a website. Doing it completely on your own can be confusing and lead to mistakes that may ruin your entire site. You should have skilled and knowledgeable guidance on that journey. The act of building a website frame only takes a few minutes to buy a domain (about $10.00) and a site. It is all he other plug-ins and “jewellery”  that takes the time.

Attract visitors- You now need to start writing articles on topics within your niche. You don’t need to be a writer and if you really don’t like writing short articles then you can hire writers for very little money to write for you. Now here is the part you need to do a bit of thinking for. Keywords and social media is the ticket here. If your market is “found footage horror movies” you need to find a good keyword that has lots of traffic and little competition. Using the Jaaxy Keyword tool the term “found footage horror films” comes up at 120 searches (always needs to be over 50) and competition is 256 (needs to always be under 300). Not bad but let’s keep looking.

Have a look at my Wealthy  Affiliate Review here

The keyword “scariest found footage movies” has 72 searches and competition of 46. A better choice. Now put that keyword in your title of your article and again in the content and you are good to go. You need to add something to that statement to make it a better title such as “what are the” scariest found footage movies. Try out Jaaxy’s keyword tool. They lead the pack in keyword research, choosing a niche and much much more.

Earn revenue- After you are set up, Google has ranked your website and you are continually getting traffic on your articles, you will put affiliate links in strategic places and watch the clicks come and then the money will follow. Here is a great article on the money making process 

Of everything I saw on the internet I found Wealthy Affiliate to be the best for: Training, support and help in setting up a home business. They offer a free introductory membership to try it on for size.  Why not sign up with their free introductory membership hereno obligation and learn how to make money from home. Let’s get started!

If you have any questions or comments please let me know. I am always available to help






8 thoughts on “Make Money From Home

  1. Hi Bill –

    thanks for your interesting introduction to affiliate marketing. I’ll be honest – I’m in a similar position to you in that I wanted to get started and did a fair bit of research to avoid being scammed by the get-rich-quick schemes. I think your post is really clear and well written.

    It might help your visitors if you had some screenshots illustrating your discussion about searches, competition and keywords. To the beginner, those concepts can be pretty confusing (heck, I still find them confusing)! 🙂

  2. I feel a little bit confused and the idea of the niche. If I don’t have an idea about my best niche what do you advise me to do as a start for my online business?

    1. You need to pick something you enjoy. Maybe a hobby then narrow it down more. Example if you enjoy working with wood, narrow it down more to woodworking tools. You need to really enjoy it you will write about it a ton. If you are really stuck go with Bootcamp it has excellent training and they have the niche for you. Let me know if you have anymore questions. Bill

  3. You can make money with the system that wealthy affiliate is offering.Many are now enjoying building their online business with the help of this community. Your post is well detailed and of great help.

  4. very nice work, the content is to the point and very well laid out. I also had a chance to look through a couple of your other pages and they are also very nicely done. All I can honestly hope for is that I can develop to the point that I can create such well laid out designs myself. I, of course, can write, but my design skills are going to need some serious Work after looking at your site.

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