Let’s Talk About Nouns- Part II

In our first post regarding nouns click here to read it we left off on proper nouns and surnames and how to make them plural. So let’s start this post with how to make a compound noun plural. Compound nouns may be written as solid words, they can also be […]

Possessive Nouns

This is our third instalment regarding nouns. This post is about possessive nouns. As a lifelong learner who recently completed courses in business English, I can assure you that proper grammar can take you far in the business world. Communication is a daily necessity that is of incredible importance in business. […]

Make Money From a Hobby

Life is expensive. Add in a couple of children or more and it becomes really expensive. Many people have dreams of a larger home or better finishes and furnishings (I blame HGTV for my design ideas) or maybe it is a family cabin or paying for the kid’s university tuition that […]

How Much Is It for Netflix?

Netflix is a streaming service that allows you watch television series, movies, documentaries, comedy specials, and Netflix produced content for a flat rate per month. You can start your Netflix experience with a month for free. After the first month, there are three different levels of service to choose from. […]

What Can I Do This Weekend?

There are so many options and things to consider when answering the question about what can I do this weekend? Where do you live? Do you have the money for a weekend getaway? Are you a homebody? Are you into physical activity? Do you have a hobby? Do you have […]

Canada’s Wonderland-Ticket Prices

Canada’s Wonderland located in Vaughan, ON is a theme-park that has a wet side (the water park area) and a dry side (the ride area). It is huge and has a tonne of family fun to offer its patrons.     Sounds great eh? But what will it cost for […]

What Should I do for a Hobby?

Are you wondering what kind of hobbies there are out there in the big, wide world? Well, nowadays the sky is the limit. I am going to tell you about some hobbies that you might not have known about or thought about.   So…what should I do for a hobby? […]

Things to do After Retirement

I know almost everybody looks forward to retirement. But after the first week or two, you may find yourself wondering how you should fill your days. I am a firm believer in having a purpose and a reason to get out of bed and get moving. I am also a […]

Making Money while Being a Stay at Home Mom (or Dad)

It is a nice thought to think that once you have children you can stay at home with them full-time, and never work again. But that dream is just that a dream. Unfortunately, we all need to make money, it is after all, what makes the world go ’round. Making Money […]

How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Parent

Having kids and staying at home with them was a dream of mine. I worried about how they would turn out if someone else did most of the hands on raising of them. I worried about having the energy to work all day while suffering the inevitable sleep deprivation that […]