Best Way to Make Money Online With a Blog-Start Writing and Make Money

There are different ways to make money, let’s look at the best way to make money online with a blog.

We will discuss freelance writing  and  blogging

Freelance Writing

There are numerous different places that will pay you to do freelance writing such as blogs (guest blogging), magazines, and journals. According to Jennifer Roland who wrote Earn Money Online: 92 Websites That Pay Writers $50+, for SmartBlogger you have a number of categories that you can write about. Areas such as business, career, finance, essays, family, parenting, health, lifestyle, general interest, tech, travel, and food. It is amazing just how many websites need content. If you love to write and you want to be paid for it, look into different sites and discover who you should contact about being paid. You can even negotiate with some. Write the article and collect your fee.

AuthorBest Way to Make Money Online With a Blog

If you enjoy writing stories, whether nonfiction or fiction based you can become a Kindle author. This allows you to flex your creative muscles and become a published author. As Glen Long has written in The Five Most Realistic Ways to Make a Living as a Writer, for SmartBlogger you will need to be a prolific writer and will likely have published three books before the money becomes even close to a full-time income. The good thing is that once your books become popular you will earn money from your back catalogue as your audience will be looking for more of your material. This may take a couple of years but it is do-able.


The best way to make money online…With a blog

Why not show off your writing skills and build your own Blog. Its a great way to show your work to the general public. A blog can be a non-fiction one or a blog that contains information about a niche market. Gain subscribers that share their email information with you and become an affiliate marketer. We have a blog that we started with the training provided through Wealthy Affiliate. WA has taught us all we need to know to build and advance our blog to the point where the affiliate marketing makes an income. Click here to read a review of WA  and find out more information.

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What is the Difference Between a Website and a Blog?

Let’s find out what is the difference between a website and a blog. First of all, let me put it this way: all blogs are websites but not all websites are blogs.

The differences become apparent when you look at the format.

A website has a format and content that:

  • is static
  • is professional
  • is formal
  • includes a Frequently Asked Question area
  • includes contact information
  • has only one-way communication
  • advertises and sells a business’s products
  • is owned by a business or company
  • provides explanation or descriptions of available products
  • usually, involves e-commerce capabilities
  • gives information about business location and hours of operation
  • does not bolster relationships

A website is where people go online if they are looking into purchasing a product. Whether it be clothing at, or makeup at, or food items at

Whereas a Blog, on the other hand, has a format and content that:

  • is updated on a regular basis
  • is relaxed
  • is casual
  • encourages relationships between the blogger and the reader
  • can encourage relationships between readers
  • encourages the reader to subscribe to the blog
  • is interesting
  • is educational
  • is useful
  • encourages discussions
  • allows the blogger to be viewed as an expert in their chosen niche
  • works well with social media
  • creates trust

A blog is where you would go online to learn about someone’s opinion like at or to read about their family life at, or to get some advice on mental health issues with a side of humour at Blog’s are very popular and reach thousands of people a day.

We have been blogging for a while now through Wealthy Affiliate. WA has taught us how to build and support our website/blog through affiliate marketing. Click here to read a review of WA.

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Is worth it?

Is worth it?


Owners Name: Linkedin

My Overall Rank: 100/100!

Introduction is a website, that for a monthly fee, offers you access to over 6,000 courses. You can learn about almost anything from How to Read Financial Statements, to Photography, to Design.  Once you have completed a course successfully you can print yourself a certificate. Since it is owned by LinkedIn, it is a great resource to utilize when you are searching for a job, or creating your own job through business ownership. is often used to get accurate information for a website blog built with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. Check out my review here.

Informationis worth it? teaches you new information via video.  High quality video’s that are professionally developed with expert presenters guiding you through the material. If you opt for the premium membership you will also be able to download Project Files that help you understand the material you have just learned. Certificates are available once you have passed the test at the end of the course.  I don’t know about you, but I like a prize at the end of my work.

Pro’s and Con’s

Pro’s: The library allows you to easily find the subject that you want to learn more about, and saves you the time of searching through YouTube to find an amateurish video with poor sound, and picture quality being taught by Joe Blow.  With you know the instructors are experts in their field. excels at teaching software programs, such as multimedia software, and gives you the professional techniques to to utilize them Online Training Videos

You can preview courses before starting, you will know how many hours the course will take to complete, and the lessons are divided into bite size video sessions making it easier to stop if you are interrupted.

The site is constantly being updated, when you need to learn the latest features of a software will have them available online quickly, where other sites do not.

Con’s: You may lose some sleep when you first start training with as there is so much to learn, on so many interesting subjects. I know I did.

Who is it for?

Anyone that has a desire to learn, and improve either themselves personally, or their business skills.  If you are a job seeker it can help you brush up your skills, as well as your resume.  If you are a business owner it can teach you much of what you need to know to run a business, and you can use it as a further training program for your employees as well.


As mentioned above offers over 6,000 courses that can be accessed on, and off-line. They are continually adding more information for their customers. The courses are presented through videos, or you can read the content if you prefer that delivery method.


The Basic subscription starts at $19.99 and the Premium subscription begins at $29.99 per month.

Support offers a lot of support outside the training material with a toll-free telephone number, an international telephone number, and email submission form to answer your queries.

And the Verdict is

I believe in the product that is offered by  I appreciate its professional production and the fact that the instructors are experts. I don’t want to learn about a business skill, or concept from a random YouTube account. I appreciate the connection that has with LinkedIn as well.  If  you connect your account with LinkedIn you can add the certificates that you earn to your profile.  That’s cool!

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