Garth Brooks: the Businessman

Garth Brooks who was born Troyal Garth Brooks on February 7, 1962, in Tulsa, Oklahoma is more than a country music “god,” he is a businessman too.  Let me explain.

We all know Garth Brooks as the singer of country music hits like “Friends in Low Places” and “The Dance.” But when you learn about his career and personal life you realize that there is so much more to this man.

Country Music Career 

Garth Brooks moved to Nashville, TN for the second time in 1987. This time he brought his first wife, Sandy, with him. Brooks had been unsuccessful in Nashville the first time he lived there. The second time was an outstanding success. Garth Brooks signed with Capitol Records and released his first self-titled album in 1989 and set the country music scene on fire.(2017,

Since 1989 Brooks has sold more than 100 million albums around the world. His concerts are legendary. From giant arena shows to the more intimate Garth and a guitar shows that he performed at Wynn Las Vegas Brooks has a way of making the concert goer feel like he is singing just to them. His music speaks to people on so many levels. He relates to his fans in such a way that people feel like he has lived through the same problems they have experienced. This has caused his fans to be extremely loyal to the Garth Brooks brand. (2014, 3 Reasons Why Schools Should Be Interested in This “Comeback Kid”,

Garth Brooks: the Businessman

The Man

Garth Brooks is known for being a great showman, singer, songwriter, husband, humanitarian, and father. This doesn’t mean that he has gone through life without feeling pain. Brooks was very open about his feelings of guilt, and sadness that came with the end of his first marriage to Sandy. They have three daughters together and Garth wanted to make sure that the end of the marriage did as little damage as possible to his girls. Garth retired from his music career in late 2000 to focus his time on his children. The divorce went through in 2001.  From all reports, he and Sandy have managed to co-parent the girls while living in neighbouring homes. Both have carried on in life with mutual respect for one another and their children. When Garth wanted to propose to his then-girlfriend, Trisha Yearwood, he reportedly asked his daughters for their blessings first.

Giving Spirit

Garth Brooks is known for his charitable and giving spirit. He recently helped to reveal the gender of their baby to an expectant couple at a concert. Not only did he reveal the baby’s gender but he also said, “If I am still alive, I am going to pay for that baby’s college education.” What a sweetheart!


Country music superstars Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood work on the 34th Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project with Habitat for Humanity in southeast Edmonton on Monday.

Garth and Trisha are known to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity builds. In February 2017, Garth Brooks played 9 sold-out concerts in Edmonton, Alberta. Brooks and Yearwood returned to Edmonton for a Habitat for Humanity build on July 10, 2017. They joined former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, his wife, Rosalynn Carter and numerous volunteers as the Carter’s help build 150 homes across Canada by 2018 to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday.

Garth Brooks always makes time for his fans and when he says he loves his fans people believe him. Brooks doesn’t take his fortunate life for granted and appears to work hard to improve himself.


Image result for garth brooks graduation from university

Garth Brooks attended Oklahoma State University and earned an Advertising Degree in 1985. Being a famous and successful country music artist you may assume that the Master’s Degree in Business Administration that he received in 2011 from the same university was an honorary one. But it was not. Brooks studied for it and surprised his fellow students when he attended their convocation. (2017,

Mr Brooks’ education has probably helped him to have the confidence to say no to both Itunes and Spotify. He wants to control how his music is distributed. Some may say that means his ego is too big. (2014, Seems to me that he is a smart businessman and artist who prefers that his albums do not get chopped up into singles only. His albums tell his fans a story and he wants it communicated properly.Therefore in 2016, The Garth Channel was launched on SiriusXM and a deal was inked to stream his music on Amazon. Talk about playing with the big boys. (2017,

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The Risks Pay Off

Garth Brooks is not only known as a country music star but as a risk taker. (2014, Not many artists would be brave enough to retire from a full-blown successful career to spend more time with their children. Although other stars have launched career comebacks I cannot think of any that have done it so well. Garth came back to country music and performing in a way that made it all look easy and seamless. It was like he’d never left. Garth Brooks is a living example of doing the right thing. These decisions and hard work have brought him what reports is a net worth around $280 million.

We say that it is well deserved. Garth Brooks has brought joy, comfort, and entertainment to many around the world. All while being a good, decent, charitable, and loving man. We wish him well in the future.


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