How Can I Find a Good Paying Online Job that’s Not a Scam?

If you are wondering how you can find a good paying online job that’s not a scam, you have come to the correct place. I am going to help you dig through some of the opportunities that the online world presents and show you how to avoid online scams.

Job Seeking

When you are seeking a job or a career change you need to know that there are “bad” people out there that will try to take advantage of you. Perhaps they think that your guard will be down due to desperation and stress or maybe they are just plain evil.

So…How Can I Find a Good Paying Online Job that’s Not a Scam?

Here are some points to keep in mind while you look for an online job.

As Alison Doyle wrote in 2017 for these offers are:

    1. Too good to be true– it should raise the hairs on your neck if the employer came to you instead of you applying to them, and if you calculate the income and it seems really high for the work they are asking you to do you should ignore the offer of an interview. Your “spidey sense” should be tingling.
    2. The job has a vague list of requirements and the duties you would perform. If they do not tell you exactly what education they want you to have or the years of experience you should bring with you then you may be getting scammed.
    3. If the ad or the email sent to you contains obvious spelling and grammatical errors you do not want to work for them because they are unprofessional and they are scamming you.
    4. They want you to have an online job interview using Yahoo Instant Messenger. The scammers love it. Do not touch that interview offer with a ten-foot pole.
    5. They ask you to provide your personal information such as your banking information, your Social Security or Social Insurance Numbers, or they want you to submit to a credit check. None are those things are necessary before a job interview, EVER.
    6. Look closely at all of the details.
    7. Do some online research. Check the details such as the spelling of the company name, check the company website online and see if the job they are offering is listed on the career page.
    8. When you have received emails from an employee, do some research and contact the company to verify that this employee is real. Scammers can be very sophisticated but they also count on people not doing the simple research into the information given in order to scam you.
    9. If a job offer (or an interview offer) requires that you buy something you need to run away.
    10. Trust your gut– if it does not feel right do not do it!



Online Opportunities

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How Can I Find a Good Paying Online Job that's Not a Scam

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