Delicate Situation Writing

In this post, we will look at delicate situation writing. Not everything in business is wine and roses. Sometimes you have to say “no” to a client’s request. Whether what they are asking you do is against company policy or their request is just over-the-top and goes too far, it is important to know how to communicate a “no” to a client. It is not positive when saying “no” and could  end a business relationship or creates bad reviews of your business. You cannot please all the people all the time but you can learn to say “no” without ever having to say it. This is not easy to do but it is possible.

Here are some goals to think about and consider when communicating negative news.

  • Explain clearly and completely– the message you convey should be clear so that the receiver can understand and accept the information.

You can communicate that you have empathy and sensitivity for the situation all while being fair to both the client and your business.

  • Project a professional image– strive to project a professional image of yourself and your business. Even when a client is irate, emotional, and possibly abusive you should remain calm and professional so that you can do your best to communicate the reasoning behind the negative message.
  • Be fair– receivers of negative news are more likely to accept the decision when they feel that they have been treated fairly.
  • Maintain a friendly relationship– make an effort to use statements that show your desire to continue the business relationship. You wish to regain the confidence of your client and that should be communicated.
  • Deal with the situation in a timely manner. The longer a problem is left to brew the harder it will be to convert a negative into a positive. Clients want to know that their concerns or opinions are respected and the best way to make them feel that is to be timely with your response. (2016, Essentials of Business Communications). There is a great book called “Business Writing For Dummies”. View it here on Amazon

I know from experience that delicate situation writing can be tricky but it does become easier. It is like exercising a muscle, at first it is tough but when you use the muscle regularly the heavy lifting is easier to do. I wish you well in all of your client communication.


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