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Owners: Kyle and Carson

WebsiteWealthy Affiliate

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So….What Is It? 

Wealthy Affiliate is a one stop resource for building a successful business online. The excellent training systems will show you how to: Market products, get a niche to focus in on and how to actually build your website. You will learn how to use keywords to get traffic and how to layout your website for success.

You definitely don’t need to be a computer guru to be successful all you need to bring to the table is a willingness to learn and a positive attitude.

Make money from home


    • The 840,000 fellow members are eager to help and Kyle or Carson will check in on you from time to time to see how you are doing.
    • Great training-videos, tutorials, courses and classroom
    • State of the art website hosting
    • Free starter membership to get your feet wet
    • 2 free websites you can design and build-spam free
    • Perfect for college students or someone needing a career change


Honestly, the only con I have seen is there is almost too much information. When you first sign up you are almost overwhelmed with the amount of information you have access to. Fortunately, after a short time, you get to know your way around and you find out where everything is. There is no shortage of eager members to help guide you.

    • Who is Wealthy Affiliate for
    • New career seekers
    • Anyone who found themselves without a job- ie laid off
    • Someone wanting a part time job
    • Someone wanting a full-time job
    • Broke college students
    • Wealthy college students
    • Computer savvy people
    • Non-computer savvy people
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Anyone wanting a hobby-that will pay you $$
    • Someone wanting to build multiple websites-3, 5, 10, 40? and make lots of $$
    • Retired persons
    • basically, anyone young or young at heart, in any country can do this business.

What happens when you start?

When you start your Wealthy Affiliate journey you will be shown around the site and you will know how to get help when you need it. You will have lots of other members saying hi and offering to help if you need it. You will begin your 1st of 10 free lessons and you will start building your website….It is super exciting!!

Having an online affiliate marketing business involves adding posts consistently, usually about 4 per week. Networking on social media-sharing posts, adding followers and answering comments/questions. Constantly learning and developing your writing skills.

When you realize how much WA has to offer you, you may sign up for the Premium membership. This is when things really start happening. Another 60 lessons, more blogs, videos and live classrooms. Instead of 2 websites, you get with the free membership, you now get 50. The more advanced members actually help teach you either with their own training posts or just by answering questions. They can have a look at your developing website and offer suggestions.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. It will take dedication, but if you follow the training and are devoted you will be successful.

Wealthy Affiliate Training and Tools


    • Classrooms- specific topics
    • Tutorials
    • Training- over 1000 modules of information
    • Discussions
    • Live videos
    • New informative blogs regularly
    • Very helpful forum

Services Offered

  • Keyword research tool
  • Domain purchasing
  • 2400 website themes
  • 30,000 different plug-in’s for your website
  • State of the art hosting
  • WordPress websites
  • Site health monitoring
  • Daily backups
  • Auto login
  • spam free environment
  • All the best experts in the business are right here and they are ready to get you going toward success.


  • Live Q & A
  • 1 on 1 support
  • Tech support
  • Access to experts
  • Access to the owners to help with anything you need                                                                                                                              

 Pricing Plans  Bonus Below

*With the free membership, you still have access to the community for assistance, 2 free websites, full support and training, 500 training modules etc.

 Starter membership: is Free   

 Premium membership: $49.00/ month or $359/ year        

I will say again you definitely do not need to be good with computers. The training is basic enough for anyone.  If you do get stumped the members or owners will get you back on track.

If you sign up for the Premium membership within 7 days of joining the free membership you will receive a bonus. It will include a 59% discount on your first month. You will be contacted when you once you are inside and you will receive more information. It’s exciting!   If you would like to sign up now for the Premium membership simply click here to get started.

Here is a blog on “Affiliate Marketing in 2017”. 

  Final Opinion of The Wealthy Affiliate Review 

Overall rating: * * * * * * * * *   *

I am giving Wealthy Affiliate 9/10 stars and 2 thumbs up!…definitely. It is NOT A SCAM it is the real thing. It is a way to grow a business with all the training and support you need and then the sky is the limit. You can be as successful as you want to be. You will call the shots and make the money you want.

Why are you working for somebody else? Sign up for free here

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8 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate Review

  1. Hi Bill. What an awe-inspiring article on Wealthy Affiliate. Your review is definitely on target and only the half has been told. Wait til they really get their feet wet and dive right in to becoming financially free! I almost signed up again! (lol)

  2. Great review! I joined the Wealthy Affiliate community over a year ago and I am extremely happy I made that choice. It is a great program if you are looking for financial freedom.

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