Types of Business Writing: The Persuasive Request

There are many types of business writing that you may come across or need to use one type is “persuasive request”. In business, you sometimes need to ask a client or another business for a favour. Whether you are needing a favour from a client or another business it is important to remember that your request is more likely to be granted if you can communicate the direct and indirect benefits to the one granting the favour. (2016, Essentials of Business Communication)

In business writing, when getting ready to write a persuasive request you should plan the following:

  1. Gain Attention– Do this in the opening paragraph of the message by describing a problem, mentioning a benefit, paying the reader a compliment, making an unexpected statement, or posing a stimulating question.
  2. Build Interest– In the body of the message, it is important to keep the reader’s attention and convince them that the request made of them is reasonable. This is also the area of the message where you need to communicate the direct and indirect benefits to them that will come about when they help you out. *Remember that everyone is “tuned into WII-FM, or what’s in it for me?”* People need to have a reason or benefit in order to help.
  3. Reduce Resistance– Think like the receiver when writing the message and anticipate the problems the receiver may have with the request. Communicate about these problems and offer a solution. Spin the problems into solutions.
  4. Motivate Action– To complete a persuasive message you (the sender) must tell the receiver what you want and when you want it. This is a call to action. The goal is to be confident, not pushy and to motivate the receiver to act on the message. Give a deadline date for a special offer that will be given to those that say “yes” promptly.

Persuasive messages can be hard to write until you have practice with them. Everybody wants something and everybody needs something. If you can figure out what the wants and needs are you are set. We will cover other types of business writing in later articles. Here is a great book called “Business Writing For Dummies” View it on Amazon here.

Go forth and communicate.


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