What is the best paint color for a home office?

What is the best paint color for a home office? It all depends on what you want to achieve in that office. Paint colors have been known to affect peoples moods. I am going to explore which color elicit which feelings.


Lighter versions of purple such as lavender and lilac should make you feel restful. Which makes it a popular choice for bedrooms. Since I don’t plan on sleeping in my office I would not choose purple.


Green is calming, it relieves stress and encourages relaxation.  It is also said to promote fertility. Since I’m not in the fertility business I will avoid this color for an office as well.


Orange is known to create excitement, enthusiasm, and energy.  Which makes it a great choice for a work out room, but not an office in my opinion. I need all the feelings that it evokes but I also need to focus, and concentrate while working.


Yellow has a lot of things going for it as it reminds us of sunshine and happiness. It is a cheery color, yet people will lose their temper more in a yellow interior. Babies even cry more in yellow rooms. Since there should be no crying or fighting in business, I am going to say yellow is a no-go.


Can you even imagine? A red anything.  Red is an intense color that raises blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate.  Great for a sports car, but definitely a no no for an office.

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Back to the article


Now for the opposite of red, blue brings down blood pressure, slows respiration, and heart rate.  It is calming and serene but is also the most productive color. be careful that you don’t choose one that is too pale as it may make an office feel cold, but don’t go too dark or you will feel sadness.  A shade of blue is in the running to be the color of my home office.

Neutrals such as Grey, Brown, White, & Black

The look of an all neutral room will rise and fall in popularity, but similar to a little black dress they never go truly out of style. Neutrals are classic. You can add pops of color through accessories and change them up easily to create a new look and feel without spending a small fortune. A neutral grey is also in the running for my home office.

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  1. Thank you for this article. The timing of it was serendipity. I am currently looking for new colours for my whole house, including a well used home office. Very informative article.

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