Working At Home With A Schedule

Now you are working at home with 100% freedom. Depending what kind of person you are that may be a problem. If you are focused, dedicated and a nose to the grindstone type of person you will be fine.


If you are an “I’m just going to watch Oprah” or “Hello Facebook” and “sure I’ll go for lunch” type of person, we need to get you a schedule.

I am a Virgo and we are known for certain “quirks”. One of them is organization. I have made myself a schedule right from when my alarm goes off until I reset it again containing everything that needs to be done in a day.

A schedule will not only keep you doing work it will make sure everything else gets done. I have a schedule for my personal discipline and I have another one for the online business needs. The personal schedule goes hour by hour and has what needs to be done as well as a plan to help me stay on track.

Personal schedule

5:30 Start work (you do not need to do this but it does give me an extra 7.5 hours/week of work time)

7:00 Kids up, help them get ready for school

8:00 Kids leave to catch their buses and I go back to work

12:00 Lunch break

12:30 Back to work

3:45 The kids return home from school and we start on their homework. I try really hard to have my days business work done by this time so it can be about the family in the evenings.

4:30 Start cooking supper for the family

6:00 Cleanup and hang out with the family until my early bedtime of 9 PM.

It doesn’t need to be super detailed but it needs to be enough to keep you organized and on track.

Here is more about what my work schedule looks like lately to give you an idea.

Website business schedule


  • Write one post for each website
  • Engage in classroom training
  • Check over old content and add/replace if needed


  • Conduct research for additional posts
  • Ideas for next website
  • Update my social media outlets

And so on and so on. I find that in order to meet my goals I have to be disciplined. I do not let myself think that since I have such a great boss (yes I am referring to myself as great) that I can slack off and hang out all day. I know I have to be productive.

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This is what works for me and everyone is different. Everyone has different scheduling obligations outside of work. So do what is best for you. Maybe working at night into the wee hours of the morning works better for you. Maybe you are needed elsewhere during regular office hours and weekends will become your online business hours. Whatever works for you. After all, they do say, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

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Please let me know your comments or questions. I would love to hear from you.




2 thoughts on “Working At Home With A Schedule

  1. Hi Bill,

    It was nice to read about your schedule. I have been trying to keep myself organized but always found myself distracted by a lot of things. Maybe writing out a plan just like yours would keep me focused on the job at hand. Time management has always been an issue with me, and am now looking for tips on handling that, so thanks for this. I am also reading your other posts to get more ideas.

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